(UPDATE: 9/16, 1pm ET — I inadvertently gave out the wrong email address on today’s show. The correct one is [email protected]. Sorry.)

In the last decade, millions of people have come around to the idea that we’re better off building on our strengths instead of constantly trying to fix our weaknesses. That change in perspective is due, in no small part, to Marcus Buckingham.

Now you’ll have a chance to ask Marcus anything you want on the next episode of Office Hours — Friday September 16 at 11am EDT.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Office Hours is our new radio-ish show in which I open the phone lines for an hour to listeners across the planet who can ask me and a special guest questions about work, business, life, or any other topic. As we say, it’s Car Talk . . . for the human engine.

And for those who really haven’t been paying attention, Marcus Buckingham is among of the world’s top management thinkers — and co-author of Now, Discover Your Strengths, one of the most influential (and top-selling) books of the past decade.

This week, Marcus launched a new book —StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution— which includes a powerful new strengths assessment that builds on what he’s learned in the ensuing years. (I’ve taken the assessment. It’s really interesting. I might even reveal the results on the show.)

To join us on Friday September 16 at 11am EDT, whether to ask a question or just to listen in, simply call 1 (703) 344-2171 and enter this passcode: 203373#. It’s free — and freewheeling.

ADDED BONUS: We’ll be giving away copies of Marcus’s new book to 24 lucky listeners. The only way to win, though, is to tune in.

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12 Responses to “Ask Marcus Buckingham anything you want”

  1. sean trainor says:

    Sorry I cannot make the broadcast but I’d like to ask Marcus if he concurs with the view that Q12 is fundamentaly flawed methodolgy for measuring and/or improving levels of employee engagement. The view is that his 13 drivers (and the resulting Q12 questions) are shown from studies to be common attributes of “HiPo” orgs. This should not be confused with “engagement”. To then draw correlation with Q12 metrics with “HiPo” is therefore a circular argument and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Randy says:

    1) Can’t subscribe in iTunes… alert says “The URL might point to text-only episodes or contain file types iTunes can’t play.”

    2) You have a link to the Assessment test… I then went to the key entry page. http://standout.tmbc.com/gui/key . Graphic says Buy Your Assessment but it’s hard to tell if it’s a button or a graphic heading. Then it says “Learn your most important Strength Roles and start putting them to work for you.” and shows the book implying that the key is in the book…but it doesn’t state it. Not clear. (And not single way to offer that feedback/contact on the site. That makes one feel locked out.)

  3. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    Randy —

    1) That seems to be a recurring iTunes glitch. We’ve fixed it once. We’ll get back at it. Thanks for letting us know.

    2) Yes, the assessment requires a “key” — and the key is in the book. Sorry for not making that clearer. We’ll talk more about that on the program. And we’ll give away two dozen copies for free.

    – Dan

  4. Joseph Lake says:

    I am having problems accessing your podcasts on itunes app as well. I have in the past but now it is blank.

  5. Jim Seybert says:

    Oh my goodness – this can NOT be happening.

    Two of my gurus – two people who really get my brain spinning – are going to be on the radio at the same time, available for questions and I have a commitment I can’t (shouldn’t) get out of — of all the rotten luck.

    Arggggg – Whole New Mind and Now Discover Your Strengths are two of the most personally influential books I’ve ever read. And I’m what Publishers Weekly refers to as a “heavy volume reader.”

    Dan – please tell me the show will be available later through iTunes or on your website. Give Marcus my best (I’m one of his independent trainers).

    So cool that the two of you are hooking up to do this –

    Here’s a question or topic suggestion: I’d like to hear the two of you vamp for a few minutes on the connection between understanding Strengths and the search for beauty, meaning and significance. Where do your two philosophies intersect?

  6. Good points on the varying strengths of teams and how the manager needs to know who they have on their team (their strengths). I would submit to you that Herb Brooks, coach of the “Miracle on Ice” was the absolute pioneer of Marcus Buckingham’s work. He didnt’ choose the BEST hockey players for team USA – he chose those who he knew would make an extraordinary cohesive team, based on their individual strengths.

  7. Debbie Tucker says:

    Really enjoyed the hour. Thank you!

    And I have ordered Standout now and hope to have it tomorrow.

    With it, I hope to help my WOO manager understand the strengths of the whole team that I work with AND use the prescriptive approach Clac (Marcus) spoke about to capitalize and ‘win’. Yes, I am a ‘learner’.

    Many thanks again!

  8. Joy Meredith says:

    Great call Gentlemen! Your chemistry is wonderful and think it would be cool to see you collaborate on a project together: How Your Strengths Drive You (by Click & Clack) maybe an ebook or video interview series? (btw: with my strengths I could help you put it together 😉 )

    Thanks again for an hour well-spent!

  9. Lisa Thorell says:

    Sorry I missed this! But I did learn about your podcast series from Andrea Meyers’ tweet.

    And yes- another confirmation on the missing itunes podcast.

    I’ll check back!

  10. Michael says:

    Great series. But a quick question – didn’t Peter Drucker first come up with the idea of focusing on building strengths versus fixing weaknesses as a life long learning strategy?

  11. Paula says:

    Marcus does reference back to Peter Drucker re: strengths/talents. Perhaps not in this broadcast, but he does give credit where credit is due.

  12. Helen says:

    That was a great Office Hours to listen to! Dan for whatever reason you interrupted the guest much less frequently this time. So much easier to listen to!