As always, the Pink, Inc., mail bag is brimming with emotionally intelligent signs sent by readers around the world.  Here are two that attempt to use signage and humor to enforce parking regulations.

John Huntoon snapped this photo when he went to visit his dentist in Cardiff by the Sea, California:

And several readers have sent versions of this sign, which apparently adorns more than a few church parking lots:

Odontophobics and atheists, be warned!

If you’ve seen a sign, emotionally intelligent or otherwise, that you want to share, just send us an email.

5 Responses to “Root canals, baptisms, and emotionally intelligent parking signs”

  1. John Zimmer says:

    Both signs made me smile, but I was especially delighted by the second one.

    The placement of the words could lead to two interpretations: (1) Church Parking Only – Violators Will Be Baptized, which I believe is the intended message; or (2) Church Parking – Only Violators Will Be Baptized, which would not go down well with law-abiding parishioners and could encourage illegal parking.

    Ah, the power of a well-placed punctuation mark!

  2. Jake says:

    In all honesty, if I saw the church parking sign I would keep driving and drive as far away as I could. The intentions of the sign I’m sure were “light” but what message is really being sent? “Park here by accident and then drink the Kool-aid!”

    How do you actually feel about the sign? Were you delighted because it draws attention?

  3. Parking says:

    The signs are good enough to give a grin. I would surely drive far off from first sign until and unless I actually need a dentist. The second sign made me giggle and certainly I wouldn’t like to be baptized just for illegal parking. Well, i can see more and more funny signs on streets and personal property these days. Witty, humorous messages actually strike the right chord and reinforce compliance.

  4. It’s refreshing to see companies use humour and personality to land a universal message that is often ignored.

    The Dentist sign is my personal favourite.

    It’s the type of message that will stick. People reading that sign are not likely to forget it in a hurry and the message will land more effectively.

    Nobody likes being told what to do. A little bit of humour and personality can go a long way.

  5. Very funny share. I have never seen these signs before. My church has a sign that says “You can’t enter heaven unless jesus enters you” lol I still chuckle ever time I drive by. I’ll try to take a pic and share here.

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