As always, the mailbag of emotionally intelligent signage is brimming with examples sent by readers around the world. And as always, the most prevalent target of this new approach to sign and symbol is dangerous driving.  Here are three that caught my eye:

A homemade sign from a tough-minded (but not litigious) parent:

An official sign from the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh in northeast India:

(If your Hindi is rusty, this translates to “If you fancy speed, become PT Usha. Speed driving is a sign of stupidity.” If your Indian sports history is rusty, PT Usha is one of the fastest runners the country has ever produced.)

And a new-fangled centaur-style police car that’s apparently being widely used in Texas to deter drunk driving.

(HT: Jeremy Epstein, R. Ganesh, and Chris Nute)

4 Responses to “3 more emotionally intelligent ways to keep streets safe”

  1. Joseph says:

    I echo the sentiment of the first sign (with slightly better punctuation).

  2. “Chose your Ride” is also used in Fremont County, WY.

  3. I wonder about the “Choose your Ride”. While I agree anything to get drunk drivers off the road is to be applauded, I fear this message reinforces the notion that the reason you shouldn’t drive drunk is because you might get caught rather than because you might kill someone. As an alternative — or complement — I suggest a sign with an obviously inebriated doctor together with “Drunk drivers injured in accidents will be treated by drunk doctors”.

    Or what about a television ad campaign with doctors, dentists, fire-fighters and aeroplane pilots telling the public, “I [hic] can operate/drill cavities/fly even better when I’ve had a [hic] few..”?

  4. Gaurav M says:

    Not able to stop my laugh on 2nd one.