As I mentioned in the last post, summer is a great time for emotionally intelligent signs. One reason is that more people are traveling, camera phones at the ready, as this batch of road photos demonstrates.

Tabitha Core found this pleading sign in a work zone in the suburbs of Durban, South Africa:

On the road to Adelaide, Australia, Andrew Greatrex spotted a bit of, ahem, word play:

Chris Shade discovered that even trucks are getting into the act:

And reader Michael Gray found himself on a highway in Indiana behind a truck with a startling (but effective) reminder:

4 Responses to “4 emotionally intelligent signs from the road”

  1. Cool. I’m going to start keeping a look out for signs like that. Especially when it comes to people selling stuff. Never heard the term “emotionally intelligent signage” before. Nice.

  2. Wow — some real good ones this time. The last one’s a bit morbid, but as you said, likely effective. I particularly like the one on the truck’s mud flaps. I find rhyming when using more than one one word (but matching the syllables) really smart. (Pass-ing–Side and Su-i-cide).

    With Gratitude,


  3. Kent says:

    Hahahaha. Great and funny. At least make me remember longer time.

  4. Marie says:

    Though Jeremiah notes the morbidity of the semi trailer MSG, it is realistic. Just saw a picture of a mustang underneath a semi. The driver had cell phone in his hand mid text and his head was in the back seat.