Tick, tick, tick. In just 30 days, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called To Sell is Human —  and I think you’ll like it. (BTW, you can now read the 6-page Introduction here.)

Already several thousand people have pre-ordered the book. So to thank them — and everyone else who follows their excellent example — I’ve put together a great package of giveaways for people who order the book before publication date. (As many of you know, pre-orders have become crucial in building momentum for books and their ideas, which is why I’m so grateful to folks who step up early.)


Anybody who orders the book — hardcover or e-book, from any bookseller — before December 30, 2012, will receive the following:
  1. A free 20-page PDF workbook, based on To Sell is Human, giving you a two-week plan to get better at selling and a head start on those who won’t have the book until January.
  2. A free New Year’s Day webinar – with an exclusive look at the ideas, people, and publications I’ll be watching in 2013 along with a chance to ask me questions. (We did this for the launch of Johnny Bunko a few years ago – and it was one of the best-received events I’ve ever done.)
  3. A free customized Field Notes memo book — my favorite notebook of all time, printed in a (very) limited edition batch commemorating publication of the book.
  4. A free signed To Sell is Human bookplate to slap inside your book.
  5. A free audio download of a one-hour special edition of Office Hours (which won’t be available anywhere else) featuring exclusive interviews with Robert Cialdini, author of the classic book, Influence, and Adam Grant, the Wharton professor whose not-yet-published study is one of the biggest pieces of news in To Sell is Human.
Once you pre-order the book, or if you’ve done so already, just forward your receipt in any form to [email protected]. We’ll verify it and then send you instructions on how to access your goodies when they’re ready.

That’s it.

Pre-order from Amazon.com (38% off)
Pre-order from BN.com (37% off)
Pre-order from IndieBound
Pre-order from iBooks
Pre-order from 8CR

* * *

Thanks, thanks, thanks for your early support.

44 Responses to “5 freebies for first movers”

  1. Susan Z Martin says:

    I would like to take advantage of this offer but am just wondering that as I am currently living in Sweden can I still participate since item #3 is obviously something that needs to be shipped.

  2. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    @Susan —
    The offer applies worldwide. We’ll happily send the physical objects to Sweden.

  3. Sam says:

    Unfortunatly it seems you can’t pre-order for kindle from amazon?
    Guess I’ll have to wait 🙂

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Sorry about that, Sam. I think it’s because you’re in South Africa. In most other places — including the US and Canada, of course — it’s easy to pre-order the Kindle version. Thanks for trying.

  4. Hi Dan,

    I’d like to take advantage of this great offer and am really looking forward to the book, but it’s not available in the UK on the Kindle yet either – so I’ve told amazon.co.uk I’d like to read on the Kindle, just to nudge them along a bit! I don’t really want the tree-based version though, does that mean I luck out on the freebies?

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Sorry about that. There are apparently some issues involving pre-ordering the e-book edition in the UK Commonwealth territories (UK, Australia, NZ, S. Africa). I’ll try to provide an update in the next few days.

      • Lisa says:

        Any update on how we can pre-order the Kindle version from Australia. I don’t want to miss out on the goodies.

  5. Kent says:

    Thank you very much, item 3 or 4 will ship to Malaysia as well?

  6. Sreenivasa says:

    Hi Dan,

    Is Item # 3 applicable for India too?


  7. Pascal says:


    does this apply to audiobook from Audible.com?


  8. I just emailed you with my pre-order receipt attached. Can’t wait to read the new book – I’ve been enjoying your work since Free Agent Nation – so, yes, I’m a long time fan. 🙂

  9. Hans says:

    Very cool! I was actually directed here following your Twitter exchange with Michael Lombardi – cool stuff. I’ll be ordering the Kindle version.

  10. Hi Dan

    Looking forward to the new book! This is a great set of bonuses you’re offering.

    Hope you reach the top of the best seller’s list.


  11. John says:

    My Kindle and I are anxiously awaiting the book and I have sent in my receipt.

    I have realized for some time that so much of what I do as a “trainer” uses techniques from selling and marketing. I am really looking forward to this book!

  12. owen says:

    No AMAZON.ca?

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Owen —

      We’ll send the stuff to Canada. Feel free to order from any Canadian bookseller.


  13. Pamela says:

    Hi Dan,
    Looking forward to the new book. I’ve been a fan since Free Agent Nation.
    Sydney, Australia

  14. Maria Johnson says:

    Hi! I already pre-ordered my Kindle version, but this would also make the perfect holiday gift! Would it be possible for me to pre-order the hardcover version and submit his email address so he can also benefit from the freebies? I’m really looking forward to the new book! Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi Dan,

    Hopefully someone will give me your new book (hard copy) as a Christmas gift, haha! If none, I will force to buy more… (one for me and others for my close friends.


  16. Mike says:

    Thanks for the great advanced book promotion! Just excitedly awaiting the book. With such an amazing turnout, do you have an idea when you might be able to process all of these?!?!?! Congratulations on having such a wonderful problem to solve!!

  17. Steve says:

    Really looking forward to the book. The pre-order incentives are icing on the cake.

    Plus new stuff coming from Seth Godin – January is gonna be great!

  18. How about Audio book? I see it’s available for pre-order on Audible.com

  19. How about audio book? I see it’s available for pre-order on Audible.com?

  20. sorry, just saw the above comment that says Audio is eligible too…

  21. Jay says:

    I pre-ordered this book on Kindle and it will not send any kind of notification till the book is available. I think that is Amazon’s policy.

    How will be able to show that we did pre-ordered the book?

  22. Henri Apell says:

    Ich pre-ordered my copy for my kindle in the German Amazon-shop. They will deliver it on the 31st of December. After that i will get my receipt, no chance to get it earlier. So what can I do to get my extra stuff from you?

  23. Steve says:

    Does this offer include pre orders from Audible.com ?(Narrated books)


  24. Silke says:

    Order in Switzerland is placed.
    Already told my Entrepreneurship University Students that we’ll discuss the book next term…I better read it soon 🙂

  25. Lisa says:

    It seems I still can’t order the Kindle version in Australia. Looks like I will have to miss out on the freebies.


  26. Evan Levine says:

    Dan, I think you should run for President. Evan

  27. Mario Flores says:

    Dan, I got my book yesterday! I’m very excited to get started tonight.


  28. Kelly says:

    Hi Dan

    Will there be a recorded version of the New Years day webinar made available post the live event, for those in other time zones to be able to listen to?


  29. Marcie Savoie says:

    I ordered the book long before 12/30/2012 and never received any information on how to access the webinar. Can you please send me this information so that I can participate? Thank you.

  30. Sandy C says:

    Hi Dan,

    Happy New Year and congratulations on the new book.

    I seem to get an email bounceback from the gmail address. I tried it a couple of times. Please advise.