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Johnny Bunko

The 6 essential lessons of a satisfying, productive career

Just in time for graduation season, Johnny Bunko is here to remind you of the 6 essential lessons of any satisfying, productive career: 1. There is no plan. Make decisions for fundamental, not instrumental, reasons. 2. Think strengths, not weaknesses. What do you consistently do well? What gives you energy rather than drains it? 3. It’s not […]

Seed-spewing, biodegradable shoes?

In The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, our hero comes up with what he thinks is a revolutionary, category-busting new idea. Inspired by a passing bird, he decides that his company should make shoes with seeds embedded in them. As the shoe wears out, the seeds are distributed wherever the owner happens to walk. And when […]

The Adventures of Becky Bunko

Last year, we held The Great Johnny Bunko Challenge – a groovy contest in which we asked readers to submit a seventh essential lesson for satisfying, productive careers (As you know, the book provides six such lessons. Please take a moment to recite them. I’ll wait.)The winner was Becky Blanton, whose entry — “Stay hungry” […]

You ask. We deliver. Usually.

Several book groups — at companies, schools, and elsewhere — recently have asked if we have discussion guides for Bunko and AWNM.Now, just in time for your 4th of July barbecue, we do.We’ve put together a set of four 2-page discussion guides for both books. You can download them for free using the links below. […]

Johnny Bunko at the Olive Garden

Darden Restaurants CEO Clarence Otis, Jr., inadvertently offers a version of Bunko Lesson One to the New York Times: “One of the guys I worked for very early on said: ‘As you think about career, it’s not about planning it. Things are too dynamic; there’s too much going on; there are too many things that’ll […]

Johnny Bunko Lesson One: Google it

Johnny Bunko continues to be the unknown muse of 2009 commencement speakers. Here’s Google CEO Eric Schmidt echoing Bunko Lesson One: “Don’t bother to have a plan at all. All that stuff about having a plan, throw that out.” (HT: Drew Weilage, via Jeff Jarvis)

Obama at ASU: great stuff

That President of ours sure can give a good speech. Check out this clip from this commencement address at Arizona State University.My hunch is that Johnny Bunko wasn’t on the desk of his speechwriters, but Obama nonetheless touches on several Bunko lessons — from “Leave an imprint” to “Make excellent mistakes” to Reader Lesson 7: […]

The power of second place

Using the Great Johnny Bunko Challenge as his jumping off point, Jeremy Epstein has some interesting thoughts on “how to win by coming in 2d.”

We have a winner

The polls have closed in The Great Johnny Bunko Challenge. And we now have winner.You have selected “Stay hungry” as the 7th Johnny Bunko Lesson. Congratulations to Becky Blanton of Danville, Virginia, who surged from behind in the last week to win a resounding victory. Her entry received 72 percent of the nearly 5000 votes […]

GJBC*: Polls are open!

Voting has begun the Great Johnny Bunko Challenge — our groovy contest to find the 7th career lesson to accompany the six lessons Johnny learns in America’s first manga business book.Over at the Johnny Bunko site, you can see a list of 50 intriguing entries.  And on the home page, you can vote on which of the three finalists deserves a […]