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Airport eating, Times-style

Inspired no doubt by Travel Tip #3, the New York Times offersĀ its very own guideĀ to airport dining.Some old standbys make the list.Ā Paschal’sĀ in Altanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is there, as it should be. (Nothing like collard greens to take the sting out of a delay.) So is the fantabulousĀ La Carreta, which is about the only thing I like […]

Pink’s Travel Tip #3: Four road food rules of thumb

Pink’s Travel Tips — IntroPink’s Travel Tips — Tip #1Pink’s Travel Tips — Tip #2Ā 

Pink’s Travel Tip #2: Bring down ‘da noise

Pink’s Travel Tips — IntroPink’s Travel Tips — Tip #1Ā 

Pink’s Travel Tip #1: Never get sick again

Last week I announced our new feature: Pink’s Travel Tips. Today, I roll out Tip #1 — one of my very favorites, the killer app for staying healthy on airplanes. (Warning: This video might gross out some of you. Viewer discretion is advised.)

OUR NEW FEATURE: Pink’s Travel Tips

In the endless experimentation that is the Internet and that (sometimes) is this site, we’re rolling out a new feature: Simple, easy travel tips delivered via the power of Internet video. ThinkĀ David AllenĀ meetsĀ Dr. OzĀ . . . in an airport TSA line . . . on video.Or something like that. Remember: It’s an experiment.The sleepy-eyed intro […]

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