• Here are 86 dates that are especially effective for making a fresh start:
    • The first day of the month (twelve)
    • Mondays (fifty-two)
    • The first day of spring, summer, fall, and winter (four)
    • Your country’s Independence Day or the equivalent (one)
    • The day of an important religious holiday—for example,
    Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Eid al-Fitr (one)
    • Your birthday (one)
    • A loved one’s birthday (one)
    • The first day of school or the first day of a semester (two)
    • The first day of a new job (one)
    • The day after graduation (one)
    • The first day back from vacation (two)
    • The anniversary of your wedding, first date, or divorce (three)
    • The anniversary of the day you started your job, the day you
    became a citizen, the day you adopted your dog or cat, the day
    you graduated from school or university (four)
    • The day you watch this Pinkcast (one)


14 Responses to “Pinkcast 2.11: 86 days this year when you can change your behavior”

  1. Eric Chester says:

    And yet, another great idea from a simple concept.
    This book is going to be a game changer!
    Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

  2. Logically we can start fresh every day but this is truly a good insight. That’s why everyone is excited about the new year as it provides a fresh start. My simple tip would be to maintain this spirit throughout the year treat every week as a new week and we all might be more energized to achieve more. Thanks Dan for another good suggestion.

  3. Carla Bange says:

    Along these same lines, I often told my son when he was growing up that if he was having a bad day, there was no reason why he couldn’t start it back over, or give the day a Fresh Start. I told him to give the lousy day just 5 more minutes and then start over. No one says our “day” has to start when we wake up, when we leave the house, when we get to work or school, etc.

  4. Suzi Dafnis says:

    Love the concept in this video. Interestingly I have thought to start things on other days (on any day) and figured I was just procrastinating when I decided to start on “Monday”. And, maybe I am in some of those instances.

    Thanks for the video. Congratulations on the new book. Really looking forward to diving in.


  5. Dawn Marie says:

    Humans need reminders that we quit, forgot, got distracted from … goals and dreams. Daniel’s offering of the many days to reboot from “The Fresh Start Effect” is priceless. I am uber excited to receive my copy of When next week! Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much). Daniel, for what is certain to be another literary influencer!

  6. David Robinson says:

    Excellent clip and I would love to buy the audiobook from Audible, but it isn’t being sold in my country (Singapore) .

  7. Christoan says:

    Interesting. It makes much sense. I, however have had great succes starting new habits on a Sunday, rather than Monday. Starting Sunday makes it easier for me to continue on the Monday, because I have already started and feel bad if I don’t continue what I started.

  8. I am going to send this Pinkcast along to any of the curmudgeons in my circle who just finished “ranting” about how the beginning of the year is nothing more than a social construction that means nothing. Ha!
    Thanks for the research-backed answer to this sort of nonsense.

  9. David OConnell says:

    As always- great advice. Dan, I truly appreciate your work. As I aim to become better in many areas of my life, your life’s work is something that keeps me focused. Thanks again!

  10. Alton Reynolds says:


  11. Dave Sarnowski says:

    Interesting concept .. for years I have been choosing certain dates (about 6 days a year) on my calendar for resolution reviews / renewals and it helps me adjust. This confirms the concept but also gives me a better idea on picking those dates rather than every 60 days. Thanks for the idea!

  12. DILMA BALBI says:

    Excellent, as always, your clips.
    I would like to preorder your book but it is not availble in portuguese.

  13. I’ve been living the concepts of “When” for a long time. Can’t wait for the book.

    I agree with Shyam that every day can be a fresh start. I’ve created new “habits” that I’ve sustained for years, and only one of them began on January 1. In general, January is considered by the Earth wisdom traditions as the worst time to start new things, as it’s the time for going deep and hibernating.

    Some other days that work to start something new, more aligned with natural cycles of the earth:

    – the new moon (13 in a year)
    – in the Jewish calendar, there are 4 “new years” holidays:
    – the new year for trees (usually in February)
    – Passover (the actual first month of the Jewish calendar) – the “real” new year
    – Rosh Hashana (the 7th month of the Jewish calendar) – the spiritual new year
    – Hanukkah
    – also the Chinese New Year, which tends to fall in line with Imbolc, an ancient holiday that in earth wisdom is when we seed new things (which then begin to sprout around the equinox).

  14. Just shared your key findings with my workshop participants so I expect to help with book sales!

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