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  • The go-to academic paper on this topic is Dormant Ties: The Value of Reconnecting, which appeared in the July-August 2011 edition of Organization Science.

9 Responses to “Pinkcast 2.12: This is how to network without feeling slimy”

  1. Awesome. Read both When and Barking up the wrong tree good stuff. Networking is the key and be a giver vs a taker and you will do well.

  2. Walter Akana says:

    I’ve often written about creating and maintaining relationships that matter. This makes such good sense, I’m amazed that more people don’t get it!

    • Aziz says:


      I agree with you and think what happens is people take the wrong approach.
      If the approach is genuinely about the other person than it won’t be as awkward. Add value instead of trying to take value.
      Just my $.02


  3. Craig Darsow says:

    This content was moderately helpful but the format had a distracting element for me anyway that you might want to consider. I instantly felt uncomfortable with you, Dan, being on the right as the first person speaking. I had never thought this before but I suspect it is more common in interviews that the interviewer on left (from viewer’s viewpoint) so the flow of attention is the same as reading English – from left to right. Attention tends to want to start on left with the intro and the first question and then slide to the right for the first answer and then wants to go back to the left for next question (like a new line in print). For a short podcast getting the viewer instantly comfortable is especially important to let the viewer’s mind focus on content and not structure. Hope this helps. Thanks for doing these.

    • Leif Salazar says:

      Are u kidding me?
      Craig, your commentary is cerebral and out of context with how to network.

      Canโ€™t wait to meet you at an event.. Trust you will be on the right oops left side ?

    • Keena says:

      Good subject, Dan. Thanks!
      Craig, that’s an interesting observation! I felt that, too. But for me, it wasn’t because Dan was on the right, it was because Dan was leaning into the center of the frame and Eric was leaning away from Dan. It seemed to me that Eric was uncomfortable with being in such close physical contact with Dan, which distracted me from what Dan was saying, and caused me to wonder why Eric was trying to escape. So interesting how much info we pick up from body language ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michael says:

      Arguable point. In Magazines, ads are mostly on the right because for most people, it feels more natural to focus on the right first. To place an ad on the right side even is more expensive!

  4. Diana Manley says:

    I agree Craig. I felt discomfort, too, but wasn’t sure why.
    Thanks, Craig!
    Otherwise, good job.

  5. Kandas says:

    This is relationship marketing at it’s finest!! Instead of constantly planting new sides, why not tend your growing garden?

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