Folks, it never stops. Each week brings more emotionally intelligent signage from readers around the world. One of these days I’m gonna set up a Tumblr dedicated to this topic. Until then, here are four diverse signs we thought you’d enjoy:

Eileen Can shows how one coffee joint guards against seared laps and eager plaintiffs’ lawyers:

Brad Waters sends this example of how the city of Chicago tries to keep its beaches clean:

And Michael Edelstone offers two traffic signs — one a modern response to road rage from Jed Rogers Design Studio:

The other a nice vintage example:


4 Responses to “Emotionally intelligent signage: Coffee, poop, and vintage biker chicks”

  1. M. Zoeller says:

    “There is too a poop fairy.” – My dog

  2. Di Pratt says:

    Yes – Please make a Tumblr putting all these fantastic signs together in one place. I love them! Thanks

  3. Kent says:

    I like to go slow and go fast… but maybe we need some images to trigger people emotion.

  4. Berto says:

    Heat is indeed a key ingredient in coffee. Maybe they should have this on McDonalds coffees so that people dont burn themselves and file lawsuits.

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