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10 Responses to “Pinkcast 1.20: Discover your purpose (in one minute) with the Napkin Test.”

  1. So I did the exercise straight after watching.

    I gain a sense of purpose when I use:

    1. My GIFTS: Organisation and Creativity, learning more and developing new ideas
    2 .To serve my PASSION: I’m interested in careers and new technology, the changing nature of work.
    3. In a culture that VALUES: Independence, Flexibility and time Freedom, I want to work on my terms and to have plenty of time for my interests – travel, adventures, music and dancing

    What gets me up in the morning: Increasing peoples’ self-understanding and helping them grow more confident. Helping people find career happiness at any age.

  2. Sam Kunz says:

    Once again, fantastic. Succinct. On the money. I’m using this in my class tomorrow. THANK YOU!!

  3. Susan Eriksson says:

    Loved this one – It is already on its way to a couple of people who need and want direction.

  4. Lisa Reinhart says:

    After watching this week’s off-center video, I have to say that I sure appreciate you, Dan, for making it your mission to bring us practical wisdom via Pinkcasts. From Day One, they have been consistently entertaining and enlightening.

    And I’m grateful for Richard’s powerful methodology (emphasis on POW!) for answering one of life’s biggest questions. As much as I don’t care for math, this formula is a gem.

  5. brenda says:

    Love it. I love learning things in under a minute. Perfect Pink Cast 🙂
    And, Thankyou.

  6. Walter Akana says:

    Nice to see Richard Leider, Dan! Thanks for having him!

    I realize I’m not quite as legendary as Richard, but in my experience discovering purpose typically takes longer than a minute. Much longer!

    Still, this is a nice framework to use.

  7. I was inspired by Dick Leider many years ago when he worked with Wilson Learning to help employees discover their purpose. His work and life are both aligned and powerful. Over the years he continues to deepen his purpose and widen his audience. His work is limitless and timeless.

    Nancy Wolfberg

  8. Dave says:

    Thank you, sir, for another illuminating Pinkcast!

  9. Dan, I’ve seen Richard speak previously about this Napkin Test. Our calling really does fuel us and get us out of bed. I’ve been working on my calling (or purpose) for years now. I never feel like “I have to go to work today.”

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