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Now *this* is a viral video

Earlier tonight, Drayton Foltz sent me this video. (Some of you might have received your own version of it, too.) It’s one of the most brilliant pieces of marketing I’ve seen this year.

Pink’s Travel Tip #1: Never get sick again

Last week I announced our new feature: Pink’s Travel Tips. Today, I roll out Tip #1 — one of my very favorites, the killer app for staying healthy on airplanes. (Warning: This video might gross out some of you. Viewer discretion is advised.)

A (green) room of one’s own

In an impressively audacious statement, researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have announced that they have created “the world’s most relaxing room.” The space is bathed in green light, which apparently helps deliver those tantalizing bursts of dopamine to our brains. But taken as a whole, the room’s design elements seem to mimic the experience of, uh, […]

Work$ and play$ well with others

The core argument of AWNM is that left-brain abilities remain absolutely necessary — but that in a world of Asia, automation, and abundance, they’re no longer sufficient.  The current BusinessWeek cites new research that offers another factual brick in this wall: “A new study concludes that social skills can be a better predictor of future earnings than […]

OUR NEW FEATURE: Pink’s Travel Tips

In the endless experimentation that is the Internet and that (sometimes) is this site, we’re rolling out a new feature: Simple, easy travel tips delivered via the power of Internet video. Think David Allen meets Dr. Oz . . . in an airport TSA line . . . on video.Or something like that. Remember: It’s an experiment.The sleepy-eyed intro […]

Who’s the Robert Parker of Asia?

It’s this guy — Shizuku Kanzaki, a character in a popular Japanese manga series.The NY Times picks up on the amazing Japanese phenomenon of Kami no Shizuku — a manga series that is reshaping the Asian wine market.The Drops of God, as the title roughly translates in English, tells the story of a reluctant wine maven. And it’s become […]

Politics is a (video)game

In what has to be a first, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has been placing ads . . . in videogames. According to The Hill, ads are appearing in “Madden NFL 09,” “NASCAR 09,” and seven other games on the Xbox 360 system.As Walter Alarkon explains:“Only gamers playing online in 10 states can see the ads, which […]

Factoid of the day: Election special

Over at The Page — which, imho, is the single best source for election news — Mark Halperin asks an intriguing trivia question:“When was the last U.S. presidential election the Republican party won without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket?”The surprising answer is here.

The candidates . . . in manga

Using FaceYourManga, Random Tech Stuff decided to “manga-ify” the candidates. 

Quote of the day: Warren’s way

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”— Warren Buffett, NYT 10/17/08

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