The Way We're Working Isn't WorkingFor all the talk we hear about “work-life balance,” it sure doesn’t feel like life is getting any easier or work less stressful.

Tony Schwartz’s new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, looks at the four basic needs all human beings share once the bare necessities of survival have been met: the need for physical well-being, emotional stability, self-expression, and meaning and significance. When these needs go unmet, the result is stress, a bigger waistline, and a lot less satisfaction.

A lot of what Tony is saying will sound familiar at first — who hasn’t heard that they need to exercise more, watch less TV, and spend more time with their family? The difference here is that The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working recognizes that all the good intentions in the world will accomplish exactly nothing. Every chapter leaves you with practical action steps for diagnosing where you might be falling short and rectifying the lack of balance in your life.

Here’s your first action step: Click over to The Energy Project and take an Energy Audit to find out what’s working for you, what isn’t, and where to go from there. (Note: Getting your results requires giving your email address.)

5 Responses to “Solving your personal energy crisis”

  1. Thanks for the review, been hearing a lot about this book. Agreed, the importance is to act…have a plan and act. Like a talk I give, Positive thinking sucks…Without Action. Cheers.

  2. Trust lost says:

    Energy Audit requires email after filling out. I hate those things. Sorry Dan, your blog just lost my trust and got unsubscribed, shame as I like a lot of your stuff.

  3. Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to read the book. THanks for your honest review. And Michael you said it perfectly brother…F#$% all that. Everyone just need to get off your asses and do it.

  4. Dan Pink says:

    @TrustLost — Sorry to lose you. I’ve edited the post to indicate what the Energy Audit requires an email address after filling out.

  5. Robert Dawson says:

    Just started reading this book downloaded from Amazon.It’s a pretty good read. Much in line with the common thinking that how we manage our careers needs to change to reflect both technology and the fact that we are not robots. This book has some similar concepts as Lohr’s earlier book but much more relevant content to today’s work place.

    Thanks for the review Dan.

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