Michael Marx of Gilbert, Arizona, emailed recently to say, “There can never be enough emotionally intelligent signage.” And he included this example from the parking lot of a nearby Chili’s restaurant:

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  1. Yeah,

    I’ve seen these before. They definitely invoke (humor), I would say, in most driver’s who see this. In some, I can see how it *may* incite, but someone like that has probably already got an elevated level of stress and is just looking for one final “push” over the edge.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  2. ramesh says:

    Not quite understood the second part of the message “all others…melted”… Something to do with what they serve in the outlet?

  3. Anonymous says:


    Hey there. The second part of the sign that refers to “all other (cars) will be crushed and melted refers to the auto recycling process when they crush cars and mlt them down to reuse the metal. Hope that’s helpful.

  4. Glaeser says:

    It’s great to see signs that invoke and evoke thought.

  5. julia says:

    i perceived “crushed and melted” to be associated with lite-fare menu items. like chips and cheese. 🙂

  6. Joe F says:

    I love the sign. Can you clarify why it is emotionally intelligent? Because it deals with a rule with humor rather than confrontation? Thanks.

  7. Hugh Donohue says:

    Humor is definitely the tool being used to make a point that appeals to the better nature of the reader. Reminds me of the sign in a parking lot outside a wine-tasting room that said “Unattended children will be given free lattés and a puppy!”

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