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2 signs to help you make a choice

Our mail bag of emotionally intelligent signage this month shows the many ways businesses are deploying signs to influence people’s choices. Here are two examples that take very different approaches. In Norway, Coca-Cola used the two ways to exit a subway station to demonstrate the differences between two drinks it was promoting at local McDonald’s restaurants. […]

3 tips for TED speakers (and other talkers)

Okay, so yeah. TED is amazing. It’s a culture-shaping, era-defining, not entirely uncontroversial extravapalooza that has earned the mind share, eyeballs, and admiration of tens of millions of global citizens. I had a chance to do a TED Talk a few years ago. And last year, my pal Bruno Giussani, one of TED’s impresarios, asked […]

600 ways to say thank you

Earlier this month, we hosted Harvey Mackay on Office Hours. Last week, I received a thank-you note that was memorable — and in its own Godinesque way, remarkable. You can read all five pages here, but the image below should give you the gist. Some of you might not dig this particular approach. But it’s […]

My Favorite Tools: Ginormous Stickies

Drumroll, please. We’ve got a brand-new video feature here on the PinkBlog. Think of it as the baby sibling of Pink’s Travel Tips. The first episode — 173 seconds of pure viewing pleasure — is below.

The power of habits — and the power to change them

Human beings, we’ve been told, are creatures of habit. If we do something one way on Tuesday, odds are we’ll do that same thing the same way on Wednesday. Sometimes that helps us. Think about those who floss regularly and can’t imagine otherwise. Other times, it can rot our brains and hollow our souls. Think […]

Root canals, baptisms, and emotionally intelligent parking signs

As always, the Pink, Inc., mail bag is brimming with emotionally intelligent signs sent by readers around the world.  Here are two that attempt to use signage and humor to enforce parking regulations. John Huntoon snapped this photo when he went to visit his dentist in Cardiff by the Sea, California: And several readers have […]

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