Ahh, summer. A time when some of us descend into the salt mines to finish a big project — while others of us get all Kerouac and hit the open road.

If you’re in that former group, please stop complaining. If you’re in the latter, please bring your camera phone on your journey to take photos of the great (and occasionally emotionally intelligent) signs you see along the way.

For guidance, check out the two shots below. The first comes from Greg Hollmann, whose daughter is doing a summer internship in Homer, Alaska (pop. 5003). The second is from Kurt (last name omitted for obvious reasons) who visited Stockton, California (pop. 291,707) — and got out of town as quickly as he could.

(Note: Apparently, the first thing creditors claimed under Stockton’s recent bankruptcy filing was the city’s rich trove of punctuation marks.)

If you’ve got emotionally intelligent signage of your own, please send me photos. Tens of thousands of Pink Blog readers want to see them.

3 Responses to “Two cities use signs to set the rules (and make a point)”

  1. Kevin Friery says:

    Here is a picture I took in Camden Town, London UK http://www.flickr.com/photos/iamthetherapist/4110209388/

  2. David Koontz says:

    Found in a TX parking lot at a Red Robin, I parked in a safer spot.

    Don’t remember where this sign was spotted, but it spoke truth… reminds me of the marshmallow experiment.

  3. Brooke Heppinstall says:

    Ha!! At last, a sign here in Alaska that doesn’t have bullet holes in it. Of course, the folks in Homer are generally a bit saner than the rest of us and are a highly motivated bunch of indies. Thanks for the great site and I loved the drive video!! Brooke, Palmer, AK