Emotionally intelligent signage

4 diverse emotionally intelligent signs

Each week PinkBlog readers send us lots of examples of emotionally intelligent signage they’ve spotted in their communities. Here are four recent submissions that caught our eye. The talented┬áMichael Bungay Stainer sends this sign, which does a nice job of eliciting empathy in the viewer: P.K. Ware offers a stern but attention-getting way to keep […]

Emotionally intelligent signage meets social media

Here are two that came over the transom this week . . . (HT: Lots of you) (HT: Nadya Pagan, Arthur Bushkin, Jeremy Epstein)

More (somewhat) emotionally intelligent signage in a parking lot

Michael Marx┬áof Gilbert, Arizona, emailed recently to say, “There can never be enough emotionally intelligent signage.” And he included this example from the parking lot of a nearby Chili’s restaurant:

If artists ran the TSA?

Here’s a sign I saw in SoHo during a family trip to New York last month:

More emotionally intelligent parking lot signage

David Giltner sends this sign, which “was posted in the parking lot of a coffee shop that is adjacent to an elementary school in Lyons, CO.”

Emotionally intelligent signage in Little League

Keeping with our (inadvertent) sports theme this week, here’s a nice piece of emotionally intelligent signage that a few folks on Twitter sent our way:

Can signs help service workers coax a larger tip?

If you’re one of those people who tosses your extra coins into the tip jar after you’ve purchased an overpriced cup of coffee, how do you make that decision? Two photos that arrived here at Pink, Inc., world headquarters this week suggest that counter workers are deploying a variety of sign-based strategies to wangle your […]

VIDEO: A Wisconsin town tries emotionally intelligent signage

Taking a page from the civic-minded folk in Needham, Massachusetts, city officials in Bayside, Wisconsin, are enlisting emotionally intelligent signage to encourage drivers to slow down. Reader Scott Ehlke hipped us to this video:

Emotionally intelligent signage comes to Broadway (and other avenues)

The Big Apple is hauling out the Big Skeleton. The NY Times City Room blog reported last week that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Transportation Department seems to be taking a page from the emotionally intelligent signage playbook in an effort to reduce speeding. As the official city press release explains, “This month, a new series of […]

Can signs turn (road) rage into rapture?

Dirk Van Staeyen of Belgium sends these examples of emotionally intelligent signage along with a brief explanation: “I drove home from holiday today and came across these signs (in the Netherlands) on a stretch of highway where roadworks were in progress. These smiley signs are placed 1 kilometer apart from each other, each time showing […]

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