To Sell is Human

How to Pitch Better: The Rhyming Pitch

Here’s the latest in our series of short videos based on Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human. The message of this one: Perhaps it’s time for you to rhyme.

How to Pitch Better: The Email Pitch

In the second short video based on Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human, wherein I reveal the six successors to the elevator pitch, we answer this urgent question: How do you craft an effective email subject line?

How to Pitch Better: The Question Pitch

Today we begin a new series of short videos based on Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human, wherein I reveal the 6 successors to the elevator pitch. Up first is The Question Pitch, which shows when you should use the interrogative to make your case (and when you should avoid it).

Always Be Cobbling

Not sure how I missed this until now — but if you loved Alec Baldwin’s cameo in Glengarry Glen Ross (NSFW), which I write about in To Sell is Human (SFW), you’ll love this 4-minute Saturday Night Live clip:

6 new pitches for selling your product, your idea, or yourself

One of my favorite chapters in To Sell is Human is Chapter 7 — titled “Pitch.” In those pages, I describe research from Kimberly Elsbach of the University of California-Davis and Roderick Kramer of Stanford University that reshaped my notion of what pitches are actually for. Then I harvest additional social science to describe 6 […]

Why it pays to be an ambivert. (And why you probably are one.)

This is my favorite chart from To Sell is Human, one that I explain in greater detail in a new Washington Post column. Here’s what it means and why it matters. This summer Adam Grant, the youngest tenured professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, conducted a study that explodes the myth of […]

How to sell to the man in the chair

Matthew May sends this vintage (1958) award-winning ad for McGraw-Hill, which even today offers a smart and tart reminder for all of us trying move others.

Do pitches that rhyme belong on a sign?

Chapter 7 of To Sell is Human explores the art and science of pitching — the ability to distill one’s point to its persuasive essence. Along the way I show why we need to move beyond the elevator pitch and why the social science says we should pitch with questions and even rhymes. But I never expected […]

A new book for a new year

If you’re looking for fresh reading for 2013 (or perhaps an eleventh-hour tax deduction for 2012), I hope you’ll check out my new book, To Sell is Human, which hits bookstores today. For more details, listen to this interview on NPR’s Morning Edition or watch the 2-minute trailer below. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!

5 freebies for first movers

Tick, tick, tick. In just 30 days, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called To Sell is Human —  and I think you’ll like it. (BTW, you can now read the 6-page Introduction here.) Already several thousand people have pre-ordered the book. So to thank them — and everyone else who follows their excellent […]

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