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27 Responses to “Pinkcast 2.1: Why that lucky T-shirt might actually work”

  1. Lou Prosperi says:

    Hi Dan,
    Great to see the return of the Pinkcast! Another great episode, but I have to say I think I liked when you recorded them in your office better (or at least when your office was your backdrop. The more casual nature of the early Pinkcasts really contributed to their overall impact for me. The early Pinkcasts reminded me of your travel videos – casual and almost spontaneous in some regards. This episode is almost too polished. There are tons of polished and over produced videos out there. I think a more casual approach allows a better connection to your viewers.



    • Dena says:

      I second everything Lou just said. Love the Pinkcast!

    • Claire F. Kuhl says:

      Totally agree with Lou! It always inspired me to see your crazy stack of books–much like mine! Thanks for the great info, and keep it coming.

    • Lisa Sansom says:

      I agree with Lou – the same thought occurred to me. I liked the books in the background… That said, the content continues to be fun and inspirational – keep it coming!

    • Lev says:

      I also agree with you Lou, much more personal and engaging, what a difference the backdrop makes. It makes you wonder, maybe it’s worth having a Pincast on the backdrop and its influence on others.

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      I see your point, Lou. But the production quality of the previous ones was so low — terrible lighting and sound — that it needed improvement. I’ll keep experimenting in the hopes that you and others keep offering feedback.

      • Lou Prosperi says:

        Hi Dan,

        And I see your point. I’m wondering if there is some middle ground, where you can benefit from better lighting and sound, but still retain the personal touch of having your office in the background?


  2. RICHARD G CAREY says:

    I enjoy your website

  3. Good one. I liked the book Psyched up it was a good primer on how to prepare before you get into your work routine whatever it may be. Create a playlist of your favorite inspirational songs and it does help you prepare better.

  4. I tried 6 times to get this to play. No luck ??? Please be in touch with future content – it’s always extremely useful and helpful.

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      We had a really peculiar glitch in the way the video host took up the actual video. It’s all fixed now. Thanks for your patience.

  5. Great! Boy it looks like you’ve lost weight! Pat on the back! I too liked the office backdrop and loved Everybody Lies. Really scary data in there!! The truth hurts.

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      I haven’t lost weight. I’ve just used a better camera, better lighting, and stopped shooting the video up my nose!

  6. I also think I have a preference for the old visual presentation, i.e. set πŸ™‚

    I ran across something years ago in a similar vein which was something like: If turning your hat around in a poker game helps you . . . turn your hat around.

    It is pretty hard to overestimate the power of ritual on human behaviour and performance.

    Love the Pinkcast!

  7. Govinda Rajan P says:

    Thanks a lot. I am superstitious and a ritualist. It gives me a sense of purpose how I need to go about before the job, and the satisfaction that I couldn’t have done it any better than what I did, after the job. Thanks.

  8. Alain Pollard says:

    “Some people are having a problem viewing this using the Safari browser”
    Erk… Fireworks too is having a problem. Sound is ok but no video, even though I use a computer that the late Steve Jobs built himself.

  9. Will Reed says:

    Noted and useful, but this isn’t ‘next-level’ caliber stuff. Good to hear you’ll no longer be intermittent. Looking forward to the odd (or even) Tuesday posts. Your brand is nevertheless inspirational.

  10. Brenda says:

    Yay! Your back!! Funny story seeing as tonight my 10 year old was telling me before his team bowl in Cricket practise they yell out ‘Tin Can’ just because 2 of them started doing that at the beginning. He said when they yell that out they never fail so there you go! I will show him this in the morning.
    I also have to say although you’ve probably put a lot into the new look, the office background just seemed more natural and although there was more in the picture, I found it easier to concentrate on what you are saying in the office! Sorry! Maybe I shall turn this one on you and tell you- if it worked better in your office…….stick to the office haha!! Looking forward to my PinkCasts πŸ™‚

  11. Salp says:

    Thx for another Pinkcast Dan. Agree with the comments on the backdrop thing, but I do love your new intro. It looks great.

    On the topic, I read a great book on Corporate Anthropology ( They show how important rituals are for us and how you could apply the knowledge of 60.000 years human existence in our day to day work. Chrs!

  12. Welcome back. In a video game I play, we say “if it’s stupid but it works… it’s not stupid.” I suppose that would be Corollary 1 to your Theorem.

    It’s good to see you bright shiny again and hear your words of wisdom. Like the others, I like the homey feel of your office Pinkcasts. There’s a vibe that I’m sitting in your workspace and we’re having a chat. I like that informality. Please bring it back.

  13. Another great Pinkcast! (And another great book I will be buying … thanks for the recommendation, as always).

    I personally like the professional backdrop but get that people like the intimacy of having you having a little chat with us with the books in the background (or watching you apply sanitizer to your nose at the airport gate, haha). The informal setting gives off that Zoom or GoToMeeting “hey there’s Dan” vibe, which is an important part of your brand (at least to me).

    BTW, I could use some Dan Pink genius for a couple of upcoming projects. I promise I’ll have your keyboard back to you by end of next week πŸ˜‰

  14. Michael Peay says:


    I like the new newsletter format and I’m with you on the ‘lucky t-shirt’ thought. I suppose it’s really akin to a safety blanket. There’s no particular reason writing while sitting in a coffee shop would produce anything better than your living room, but if that is what you’re accustomed to, anything different would end up creating friction.

  15. Varnum says:

    Couldn’t see the video on IE11 but had sound. I agree with other folks from the opening picture that I did like the homey office feel.

  16. Interesting! I think the props help set intentions for the task we are undertaking. It makes the work feel more deliberate instead of haphazard. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jack Vincent says:

    Hey Dan,

    I like weird, not just because it helps us stand out, but because it often works. Trying to fit in is a deadly philosophy.

    Now, to find my old Woodstock ’69 t-shirt. Thanks!

  18. Sebastien michel Mills says:

    i have lucky coffee mugs (starbucks) …lucky t shirts (iron maiden)….etc… wow this is so cool πŸ™‚ …so i’m on to something eh?? πŸ™‚

  19. Rick Phelps says:

    For an additional perspective, I didn’t notice the difference in the video backgrounds until I read the comments. ‘Didn’t notice, doesn’t matter; the message is what’s important to me. Thanks for sending these again.

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