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Introducing . . . Drive Workshops

After more than a year of planning, I’m proud to announce that we’ve just begun rolling out a series of workshops built on the ideas in Drive and geared to help organizations put those ideas into action. Check out the new Drive workshop web site for more details. As you’ll see, we’ve begun in earnest […]

A great idea needs a new name. Want to help?

One of the best ideas I’ve heard in the last 10 years is the FedEx Day. Created by the Australian software company Atlassian, FedEx Days give people 24 hours to work on whatever they want — so long as it’s not part of their regular jobs and provided that they show what they’ve created to their […]

The Genius Hour: How 60 minutes a week can electrify your job

Lots of people believe that a single individual can’t make a difference in an organization. Lots of people, it turns out, are wrong. Take the case of Jen Shefner. She’s an assistant vice president at Columbia Credit Union in Vancouver, WA, in charge of the credit union’s online and mobile services. Last month I met […]

1 new edition, 1 cool project, 52 free books

To celebrate this month’s publication of the updated, expanded edition of Drive (buy it here, here, or here), we’re launching a cool new project. It’s called “Office Hours” — and here’s how it works: Once a month, I’ll get on the phone — accompanied by an awesome guest — and open the line to take your […]

Who else wants to contribute to the paperback edition of Drive?

In recent weeks, I’ve begun working on the paperback edition of Drive. This new edition of the book, slated for release in about six months, will include up-to-the-minute studies, fresh examples, and lots more tools, tips, and exercises. But to make it even more valuable for readers, I’d love to get your input. Here’s a very […]

A holiday freebie for readers

It’s been a zooey few weeks, thus the radio silence from the Pink Blog. However, over the next few days I’m hoping to catch you up on a few projects. But first . . . a freebie! Maybe you’ve been planning to give Drive as a holiday gift. And maybe you think your present would […]

REMINDER: Only 4 days left in our “What’s Your Sentence?” Project

Last week, and in an earlier edition of the Pink newsletter, we issued a challenge: Can you distill your life — what you’re about, what you hope to achieve — into a single sentence and record it in a 15-second video? The “What’s Your Sentence?” exercise, which comes from Drive, has proven so popular over […]

What’s your sentence?: The movie

Careful readers of Drive will remember the “What’s Your Sentence?” exercise from page 154 of the book. (If you’ve forgotten, shame on you. But you can watch the 2-minute video below or can click here to get up to speed.) The exercise asks you to distill your life — what it’s about, why you’re here — […]

Two freebies for Drive readers

Drive is now six months old — and we’re off to an outstanding start. To celebrate the success, and to provide ever more good stuff for readers, I’m happy to announce two free — the world’s favorite price! — offers for you. 1. Bookplates. We now have custom-made, hand-signed Drive bookplates. They’re pretty cool, if […]

Whiteboard magic

Above is a remarkable 10-minute animated video about Drive. Over the past few weeks, several people who’ve watched it have asked me how I created such an elegant and compelling piece. Today I provide the answer: I had almost nothing to do with it. In January, I did a book talk at the RSA in […]